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Results-Driven Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing solutions for business-to-business and big-ticket business-to-consumer companies.

Need Marketing Help?

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Bridging Your Company to Aggressive Growth with
Inbound Marketing &
Account-Based Marketing





We build & execute digital marketing strategies for B2B & big-ticket B2C business that have aggressive growth goals.


Digital Advertising

Your current and future customers consume digital media. We put your selling message in front of your leads with hyper-targeted ads that move them through the buyer's journey.



Website Design

We build data-driven websites that turn anonymous visitors to leads and customers.

 Inbound Marketing Icon

Inbound Marketing

We are rooted in the inbound marketing tradition. Our clients attract, convert, close, and delight their new customers with our help. 


Sales Enablement Icon

Sales Enablement

The deal isn't done until the agreement is signed. We support you with smart tools, strategies, and tactics that help your sales staff close more business. 

Lead Generation Icon

Lead Generation

The lifeblood of any growing business is new customers. We build lead generation machines that provide an ongoing healthy flow of leads for your sales staff to close.

Spanish Language Icon

Spanish Language

We have native Spanish speakers, and since Spanish is the third most spoken language in the world, we’ll help you reach them.

Why Bridges Strategies?


Radical Transparency

You never have to rely on us to see your digital marketing metrics and KPIs.

We give you an on-demand marketing dashboard that provides near-real-time metrics available via web and smartphone/tablet app. 

We also insist that our clients own their own assets. 

Digitally Native

We work within a digitally native paradigm, without the intellectual limitations that come from understanding the digital marketing world from a traditional marketing perspective.

Does this sound confusing? Contact us if you want an explanation. We love talking about it.   

Bottom Line Accountability

Our success is your success, so we measure it in bottom-line goals.

We set our goals based on one of three metrics:

  • New revenue
  • New customers
  • New qualified leads

Everything else is strictly informational. 

Trusted Relationships

We understand that successful business relationships are built on candor and trust.

We ask that our clients be honest and open with us. We do the same. 

A Bit About Bridges Strategies

Bridges was founded in 2012 by Ashley Quintana and Jake Fisher.

Using inbound marketing and sales methods, we grew the company more than 700% in total revenue. 

In 2015, Bridges became a HubSpot Certified Partner and founded the HubSpot User Group in Oklahoma City. 

In 2018, Bridges became a Gold Tier HubSpot Certified Agency Partner. 

In 2020, Bridges became a Platinum Tier HubSpot Certified Agency Partner, and continues to be among the fastest-growing inbound marketing agencies in the United States.





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Get a free marketing assessment from our experts.

Discover how inbound marketing and strategic website design can grow your business.

Our experts can:

? Discuss marketing strategies that provide verifiable ROI

? Evaluate your website and give you actionable suggestions

? Provide a complete website audit

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